The City of Armstrong was recently awarded 7 gallons of Diamond Vogel Paint for a beautification project on the City Maintenance Shop. Keep Iowa Beautiful and Diamond Vogel have partnered to present Paint Iowa Beautiful.
Effective immediately, the Armstrong Journal office will be closed to the public through means of foot traffic. Our number one goal is to keep producing current news through print and online service. We feel that in no way will closing the front door effect getting accurate information to your home through newspaper services.
Cornwell, Frideres, Maher &Associates, P.L.C., CPA’s released an agreed-upon procedures report on the City of Bancroft, Iowa for the period July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. The agreed-upon procedures engagement was performed pursuant to Chapter 11.6 of the Code of Iowa.
The Emmet County Conservation Board in a teleconference meeting Thursday, April 2 decided to keep county parks and campgrounds open, but restrooms and showers and playground equipment closed to the public. The decision came as campgrounds were scheduled to open for the season Friday, April 3.
The Emmet County Board of Supervisors at their Tuesday, March 24 meeting held a public hearing and approved the county budget for fiscal 2021. The budget calls for $10,376,281 in revenues and $$9,857,870 in spending with a levy of 6.37138 on urban areas and 9.70344 for rural.
Each year, the school board and administration work hard at making sure a healthy budget is kept in check for their districts. This year is no different as the North Union School Board passed the annual budget on March 24.

Spilled Ink

The passing of Kobe Bryant was not only a shock to the sporting world but to everyone. I received a phone call from Spencer Clausen on Sunday.


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