On July 12, 2019, news traveled quickly throughout the town of Bancroft and the surrounding area of a shooting that had occurred sometime in the night.
The Emmet County Fairgrounds could possibly be the site of a countywide ag center. That was one of the options the Emmet County Board of Supervisors discussed at their weekly meeting Tuesday, July 9.
The “dog days” of summer will soon be here, and I am contemplating taking a short vacation from my weekly column.
The past winter was hard on the streets in Bancroft causing frost boils to streets that were in need of improvement. Ryan Smith of Heartland was present at the July 8 meeting to present different options of how to fix the streets. Each option came with a different price option.
The July 4th celebrations are over, and we are now looking forward to more summertime activities. In the past, the threshing season covered many weeks, as the farmers worked together to get the oats in the bins.
The Emmet County Board of Supervisors at their Tuesday, July 2 meeting came closer to understanding the nature of odors in the Assessor’s Office of the Courthouse.


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